View from the Svoboda Bike Trails


Did a nice evening hike up the Svoboda Mountain Bike Trails last night. The Log Jam trail opens up to logged clearing that was buzzing with insects and bluebirds.


Kaslo River

Kaslo River is a fairy tale of a trail, winding along the burbling river and mossy banks. The main loop arcs over the river on two covered bridges, both painted an enchanting shade of red.


Map: Kaslo & Area Trail Map

Trailhead: multiple, we parked at the end of 5th Street

Distance, main loop: 3.2 km

Elevation: +66m (lower trailhead to upper bridge)

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Pulpit Rock

There was no question. Our first hike in the West Kootenay was going to be the Nelson classic: Pulpit Rock. With epic views of the city and a trailhead just across the lake, it was the obvious choice for a sunny weekend morning.


Map: Pulpit Rock Trail Network

Trailhead: Johnstone Road, Nelson

Distance, Round Trip: 3.6km to Pulpit Rock, 2.2km extra to Flagpole and back

Elevation: +338m to Pulpit Rock, +317m beyond to Flagpole

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Kootenay Calling

The car was stuck. I was stuck. Almost at the top of the hill, the engine had stalled against the weight of the uHaul trailer and the steep slope of the road. Foot hard on the brakes, I turned the key again and tried to get it going. Clutch in, clutch out, gas in, e-brake down, more gas. The engine revved loudly and black smoke began to drift from under the hood. Oh.

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