Sproule Creek

A walk in the woods, a bubbling creek, nine bridge crossings! What could be better?


Trailhead: Sproule Creek Road

Distance, Round Trip: 10km

Elevation: +262m


The main Millsite trail traces an old wagon road and winds back and forth across Sproule Creek until it ends in a clearing where an old timber mill operated in the 20’s.

In addition to Millsite, there are two shorter trails to explore – the Westside Loop and the East Fork Trail.



About 7km up on Sproule Creek Road, just fifteen minutes from Nelson. There is parking available on the left as the paved road turns to gravel. Cross the vehicle bridge on foot and you’ll come to the trailhead on the right:


Sproule Creek Trailhead

Up the Millsite Trail

We had a pleasant walk for the first couple kilometers. The creek babbled away as the forest filled with morning light. We saw Western Trilliums and Skunk Cabbage and carpets of soft moss.

Snow Problems

As we went along, snow began to appear along the trail. First in small patches, then in long tracts, and then after the logging road, the trail was completely socked in. We moved slowly, sometimes sliding sometimes sinking. Ah, April hiking.


Where’s the trail? Under all that snow

Bridge Problems

The Millsite Trail crosses nine bridges as it zigzags across the creek. Bridges are great when they’re working, and problematic when they aren’t.

Bridge #8 was in the process of repair, but we carefully stepped across anyways. We crossed the old logging road and carried on sliding through the snow.

We had one final kilometer to go before the trail ended a sunny clearing, and one final bridge crossing.We trudged forward until we saw… Bridge #9. Broken and sketchy.


Womp womp

After sizing up the broken bridge, we decided to turn around and slog back through the snow. We’ll come back later in the summer and try again!

**October 18, 2016: we returned to Sproule Creek and the final bridge is still broken.


2 thoughts on “Sproule Creek

  1. […] Sproule Creek was snow-free and glowing with golden mountain ash trees. The boardwalks and bridges were slick, but we hiked all the way down to the final bridge (still broken) and then made a loop by following a gravel road up to the East Fork Trail. Lots of colourful mushrooms along the path, including a lavender patch! […]


  2. The final bridge #9 has washed downstream. For the adventurous, you can cross 25m upstream from the bridge fdn. on a fallen tree and bushwack back o the trail on the other side and continue for 1.5 kms to a level clearing with a Teepee frame, strawberries and 2′ Poison Ivy, although No Mill to be seen

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