Mt. Assiniboine: Lake Magog

Did you know you can hike a loop around Lake Magog? It’s not marked on any maps, but there is a clear trail set by cairns and footfalls winding around the entire lake. This is a great option for a rainy day or an easy hike.


Trailhead: Any point along Lake Magog

Distance, Loop: 5km

Elevation: negligible

Lake Magog Loop

Make your way to the rocky beaches of Lake Magog and start walking!

There is no set path around the north-west shore (between the lodge and campground), but the beach is flat and easy to hike along.

As you pass the campground, rocky outcrops appear and, looking carefully, a trail climbing up over the rocks also appears. Follow this trail. It will take you right up to the base of Mount Assiniboine on the southern shore where you will rock-hop a creek coming down from the glaciers. There are impressive (and intimidating) scree slopes pouring down from Mt. Assiniboine but don’t worry – a clear trail is marked by cairns that climbs carefully up the scree and takes you along the shore.

The trail continues along the eastern shore and is easy to follow. Step carefully and enjoy the blue clear water sparking below.


Panorama from the eastern shore of Lake Magog


Coloured rocks along the eastern shore of Lake Magog


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