Fall Hiking

Well, it’s mid-October and the snow level is at 1500 meters. We’ve had cold, rainy days with low grey clouds, and that means it’s back to shoulder-season hiking. I’ve returned to many of our spring hikes to see how the trails look in fall colours.

Kokanee Old Growth Cedars

The Kokanee Old Growth Trail is always great for a rainy day! Many mushrooms were sprouting along the wet path and the fall colours were glowing.


Hiking the Old Growth Trail, photo by Scott Wilson

Pilot Peninsula

Another rainy day hike with low clouds covering the mountains. Yellow birch trees were scattering leaves across the trail and the lakeside air was brisk with autumn. Pilot Peninsula is always a pleasure with big vistas on the stoney beaches of Kootenay Lake.

Sproule Creek

Sproule Creek was snow-free and glowing with golden mountain ash trees. The boardwalks and bridges were slick, but we hiked all the way down to the final bridge (still broken) and then made a loop by following a gravel road up to the East Fork Trail. Lots of colourful mushrooms along the path, including a lavender patch!



**Header image: photo by Scott Wilson

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