Gibson Lake

The trail circling Gibson Lake is short and splendid, wrapping along the lakeshore and crossing tributary streams. Most folks will want to venture onwards and upwards into Kokanee Glacier Park, but if you’re looking for an easy hike or something to pair with the Old Growth Trail, then Gibson Lake is worth the drive!


Trailhead: Kokanee Glacier Road

Map: Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park

Distance, Round Trip: 2.1km

Elevation: negligible


The Gibson Lake Trailhead is the main access into Kokanee Glacier Park. As such, there’s lots of parking, bathrooms, interpretive information, and a picnic shelter. Gibson is a popular fishing lake in the summer and also has a boat launch.

Our hike was on November 7th and the area was very quiet. With the snow-line at 1600m, anyone venturing up towards Kokanee Lake would need snowshoes. We were just below the snow, surrounded by white peaks and frosty forests above.

Along the Lake

We went clockwise around the lake. Ice was starting to form around the edges and was mottled with reflective pools. The trail had small amounts of packed snow and patches of mud, but nothing too messy.


At the far end of the lake, the trail crosses several tributary streams and has sections of boardwalk. It was here that we started to see some beautiful reflections in the still water:


Reflections in Gibson Lake


The final section of the trail weaves through forest on the eastern side of Gibson Lake. We made it back to the parking lot in less than hour. It’s definitely a short trail, but it’s a great destination for photography!



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