Shoulder Season Survival

People warned me about November.

“It’s the worst month,” they said. “Nelson gets completely socked in.”

And yes, November was a dark, cold month of endless rain and low clouds. We went weeks without feeling the sun and the snow line shifted teasingly up and down the mountains. The fall colours were gone and the time change brought the sunset creeping earlier into the afternoon. Bleh.

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Gibson Lake

The trail circling Gibson Lake is short and splendid, wrapping along the lakeshore and crossing tributary streams. Most folks will want to venture onwards and upwards into Kokanee Glacier Park, but if you’re looking for an easy hike or something to pair with the Old Growth Trail, then Gibson Lake is worth the drive!


Trailhead: Kokanee Glacier Road

Map: Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park

Distance, Round Trip: 2.1km

Elevation: negligible

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Fall Hiking

Well, it’s mid-October and the snow level is at 1500 meters. We’ve had cold, rainy days with low grey clouds, and that means it’s back to shoulder-season hiking. I’ve returned to many of our spring hikes to see how the trails look in fall colours.

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Backpacking Meals – Some Ideas

Backpacking meals are a tricky business. You want to bring food that is nutritious, tasty, easy to prepare, easy to clean-up, and lightweight all at the same time! Also, you probably don’t want to eat the same thing every day.

Our recent 5-night backpacking trip into Mt. Assiniboine had us puzzling through meals, as we sorted and prepared food for the trip. Here’s what we ended up bringing and what we thought!

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Cornice Ridge

Cornice Ridge is a great off-trail hike exploring ridges and peaks in Stagleap Park. The area has good landmarks and easy access. And once you get up to the ridge, the alpine wandering is spectacular!


Trailhead: Bridal Lake, Stagleap Provincial Park

Distance, round trip: 10.5km

Elevation: +868m

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