Gwillim Lakes/Drinnon Pass

Turquoise lakes, mirrored pools, and circles of peaks all around! The hike to Gwillim Lakes goes from ‘impressive’ to ‘fantastically incredible’ and doesn’t stop there!


Trailhead: Hoder Creek Road

Map:Valhalla Provincial Park

Distance, Round Trip: 12km

Elevation: +894m

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Pulpit Rock

There was no question. Our first hike in the West Kootenay was going to be the Nelson classic: Pulpit Rock. With epic views of the city and a trailhead just across the lake, it was the obvious choice for a sunny weekend morning.


Map: Pulpit Rock Trail Network

Trailhead: Johnstone Road, Nelson

Distance, Round Trip: 3.6km to Pulpit Rock, 2.2km extra to Flagpole and back

Elevation: +338m to Pulpit Rock, +317m beyond to Flagpole

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